Predicting NFL Team Performance Via Hierarchical Team Embeddings


The research project was presented at INFORMS Annual Meeting 2021 in a session titled, Data Mining in Networks.

Authors: Sulyun Lee and Kang Zhao

Abstract: Collaboration is a fundamental part of teams where individuals form groups to reach the common goals of assigned tasks. In networks such as academic collaboration networks, sports teaming networks, or online gaming networks, exploring the aspects of collaborations is essential in predicting team performances. This work focuses on collaborations of coaches in National Football Leagues (NFL). We observed the collaborations among coaches in the same team and proposed a model that predicts the team performance given the coach information and collaborations. Specifically, we focused on the hierarchical collaborations among the NFL coaches, where coaches are at different levels in the command structures.

Talk info link:!/10390/session/641

Presentation slides: slides